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Monophonic Ringtones, Polyphonic Ringtones and Real Tones

One of the fastest growing features today is ringtones, especially downloadable ringtones. Ringtones are a cheap and fun way to personalize your cell phone and give your phone a personal touch.

There is a great selection of ringing tones available to consumers nowadays. These are either monophonic or polyphonic ringtones. You can also choose from realtones (truetones, mp3 ringtones) supported by newer handsets. There are loads of sites that offer downloadable ring tones. And there are hundreds of ringtones to download straight to your mobile in many different categories. You can find tones that would suit every personality and taste.

Monophonic Ringtones. The first cell phones had one tone ringer. Monophonic ringtone technology uses a MIDI format. It can play only one note or tone at a time. There are utilities available via the web that will allow you to create your own midi files - ringtones.

Polyphonic Ringtones. The latest cell phones now have the ability to play songs using multiple tones at once. Polyphonic ring tones sound almost like real songs and cover all genres of music.
Polyphonic ring tones just like mono tones use midi technology but allow up to 40 voices playing simultaneously, instead of one in monophonic tones.
Polyphonic tones have richer tonal quality than monophonic but sound weak compared to MP3 quality.

Truetones And Mp3's. This seems to be the future of mobile ringtones. The real tones or true ringtones that can be downloaded onto your cell phone are MP3 player quality. You can set as ringtones voices, real sounds such as an old telephone ring, songs with voice.

Mono tones are available for downloading via SMS or sometimes can be composed right on your handset and you can download polyphonic and real tones straight to your mobile phone via WAP and GPRS WAP or through your PC via Data Cable, IrDA port or Bluetooth.