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Mobile Phone Wallpapers, Screensavers and Operator Logos

Color Mobile Phone Wallpapers (Backgrounds) are quite the same as your PC desktop wallpapers. They are intended to display a picture on the background of your mobile phone screen. Many mobile phones let you download wallpapers to display on the background of their screen. Mobile wallpapers are the best way to customize your mobile phone with your favorite picture. Color wallpapers or backgrounds for mobiles may have different size and format. A standard size that fits many phones is 128*128 pixels .jpg images.

Some cell phones allow you to use wallpapers as screensavers - the wallpaper appears on the screen after a period of inactivity.

Mobile phone screensavers (Animated wallpapers). Mobile phone screensavers are pictures or animations that appear on your phone screen after a period of inactivity. They not only show you a picture or an animation, but also save the screen of your cell phone from pixel burnout.

Mobile Phone Operator Logos (Mobile Logos). An operator logo is a cell logo that appears on the status screen of a mobile phone. Operator logos were originally intended to display the mobile logo of your network operator. Now it has become a method for mobile phone owners to customize their handsets. You can change your operator logos by downloading a new mobile logo from a web site.