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Mobile Java Games and Applications

The downloadable Java games and applications are available from a wide range of sources. You can easily download them from numerous websites.

JavaTM is the leading mobile application development environment.

With a J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) enabled handset, you can easily enjoy a wide variety of mobile applications and games. The Java programs are called midlets (from Mobile Information Device Application).

The range of Java applications and games available for mobile phones is really impressive.

The biggest and the most popular part of mobile Java applications are Java Games. Java games are becoming more and more popular. You can choose from action, arcade, strategy, board games and much more. These games are highly entertaining for all ages, and can turn your mobile phone into a mini games console.

But there are also a number of Mobile Applications and utilities to choose from, such as graphics tools, mobile internet applications, useful utilities and developer tools.

You can watch videos, listen to mp3, plan meetings, read books and do many other things right on your mobile phone.

Whether it is for communication, graphics, information or mobile tuning - you can find everything you need and can use it to improve your cell phone and make it more individual.

You can download mobile applications and games to your cell phone via WAP, GPRS WAP or through your PC via Bluetooth, IrDA port or a data cable.